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vic ruggiero to release new album on Unison Records

Unison music approached vic with an idea to recording some of his favorites in lovely Hi-Fi sound. Unlike many of vic's other releases, which are known for their home-studio sound, these versions have been given the studio treatment they deserve. 11 songs, release date Oct 28, 2014.

vic ruggiero solo in Ireland Aug 2014

Aug 12 Belfast @ Voodoo

Aug 13 Dublin @ the Pint

Aug 17 ... McGirl's, Ballinamore, County Leitrim.  11pm

Slacker Vic Ruggiero and Aggrolite Jesse Wagner begin crowdfunding on Rockethub for album and tour together this summer

Vic Ruggiero (the Slackers) and Jesse Wagner (Aggrolites) and Nic Leonard (Moon Invaders and Caroloregians) host a crowdfunding campaign on Rockethub for a recording and a series of live shows together in Europe beginning this July. recording at 'Pum Pum Hotel studio' in Belgium.
support this at:

Jul 26th - UTRECHT - Db Studio
Jul 27th - tba
Jul 31st - BRUSSELS - DNA
Aug 1st - HAZEBROUC - Shakalaka
Aug 2nd - MECHELEN
Aug 3rd - KOLN - sonic ballroom

thur, Apr 24, 2014 - DON'T FEED THE CATS in IRAQ LIVE!!!

thur, Apr 24, 2014 - 'DON'T FEED THE CATS in IRAQ' LIVE!!
Desmond's Tavern
433 Park Ave S (btwn 29th and 30th)
New York, NY 10016

after working in the Iraq War battlefield as a civilian contractor, Phil returned home in 2006, suffering PTSD, he began working with Vic Ruggiero on songs, poems and stories about his experiences.
What resulted is a concept album/book combo called "DON'T FEED THE CATS IN IRAQ" , (the song 'Sabina' made it onto a Slackers album...)

Vic, Phil, a live band and the acclaimed 'Letter of Marque' Theater co. perform all this and more in an ever evolving mixed media 'live-band meets street-theater' style...
words by Phil, music by Vic

...returning to a favorite spot, this time will feature parts of Phil's new play, a full live performance of the album and even opening acts (cuz we booked the whole night. 9pm-midnite)

as Phil says "i believe at the moment it is the only musical about civilian contractors in the Iraq War"

and i think that says it all...

Tampa Road
and other great songs

Vic Ruggiero of the Slackers
Phil Wartel of Stubborn Allstars, Radiation Kings and Typhoid Rosie
Rich Terranna of the Frighteners
Shane of the Ashes

don't miss it...

did u notice we got a shop now?

look to the l MENU on the Left, and on the list, SHOP!
in between ("discography" and "bootlegs" is...) SHOP!
yes... as in A SHOP! a STORE! now it's possible buy some of the artifacts and music
(without having me dig through the suitcase before you, unless you ike that sort of thing)... so please, visit... if you have ideas please write some comments and let us know...

thank you to all those who have ordered so far!
i have become a paint-pen artist thanks to you


a nice vic video! and a WFMU guest spot...

on the same night! crazy! ...go to : and hear guests; vic ruggiero, rob shapiro, plus nick fiero, jojo, and the indubitable dj disc jockey of redundancy radio, pat byrne

Phil Nerges and Vic Ruggiero ON THE RADIO podcast

An Unlikely Duo
with guests Phil Nerges and Vic Ruggiero
........Join Sex & Politics Fridays as we interview former Iraq contractor and author Phil Nerges and his collaborating partner, musician Vic Ruggiero. Together, they created the album "Don't Feed the Cats in Iraq." On the show, we talk in-depth about private contractors, the place of literature in war, and why you're not supposed to feed the cats in Iraq.

rockshot interview with vic ruggiero by rebeladelica

Rockshot Interview: Vic Ruggiero. Tidings From The Road.

by Imelda

Vic Ruggiero of The Slackers in Cologne, 22 July 2014 (Imelda Michalczyk)

It’s the final night of The Slackers‘ European tour and I’m speeding down the autobahn towards Cologne in a car withVic Ruggiero. A perfect setting, it would seem, to talk about life on the road.

The Slackers have played a show every night for a month across the continent, seemingly never tiring of touring after more than twenty years. As the rest of this New York ska/rocksteady/reggae/rock’n’roll band pack their bags to head home, their charismatic frontman is staying in Europe and on the road with his latest side project, recording and touring with Jesse Wagner [The Aggrolites] and Nico Leonard [The Moon Invaders].

Vic’s credits include not only the mighty output of The Slackers but also an array of solo records, side projects and collaborations, whilst his keyboard skills have been featured on records by artists as diverse as Rancid and Pink.

With songs that traverse a labyrinth of subjects, from murder and heartbreak to government propaganda and wrought family relationships, Vic is a fascinating and prolific artist.

As German towns fly past the window, Vic talks about inspiration, the mystery of songwriting and why The Slackers never quite get off the bus.

Can you tell me about the songwriting process and where you draw your inspiration from?

vic ruggiero solo in Ireland Aug 2014

Aug 12 Belfast @ Voodoo

Aug 13 Dublin @ the Pint

Aug 17 ... McGirl's, Ballinamore, County Leitrim.  11pm

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